the loud one.

disha singh
2 min readJul 6, 2022

They tend to hide their reality by being bold and validating the significance of the wanting to shower your thoughts to the world — portraying the zeal to win every argument and having it “their way.

Everyone is one; regardless of it being a conscious or an unconscious approach. Let’s rephrase the definition of “being loud” perhaps; opening up about themselves and letting them read you as a book, making oneself highly predictable. Let’s face it here; although not intentionally, it is an instinctive response to the stimulus that brings about thoughts that are harder to bear within — STRESS…

An old friend.

Letting it out; speaking your mind. All the noisy thoughts released out to be heard and judged. And as the relief is exercised regularly, it takes form as a force of habit; making us prone to waning to express what’s within, to the world — making one eventually involuntarily speak “themselves.”

People are either loud at home or outside. It is most frequently any one of the two. Although ones’ character can’t be altered, one’s company with which they choose to confide in is VARIED.

Being loud— not the way everyone prefers to describe themselves. A rather reckless phrase perhaps. Being open on the outside, frequently, is something that duly questions ones’ solitude.

Is it a plus or a minus? — BOTH. Like anything else in society, everything is not perfect. Regardless, it can, on the other end, be a positive or an entire negative. It’s entirely a perspective; a point of view through different lenses. It is a very widely appreciated trait around the globe — noticed most commonly among youth and most specifically among single children; the pampered lot ;) It is a very attractive characteristic of one’s persona, displaying a bold, confident, candid and dauntless qualities. These can come to favor in school and corporate life. A plus for leadership and decision-making.

But how “positively” does it really talk about who you are? Or should you even care? …..

- to be continued