“You are enough — no question.” Celebrating self-growth today and everyday.

disha singh
4 min readMar 16, 2022


They can take shape into anything that can make us helplessly vulnerable and sensitive. People for instance tend to have many of these as of today. Be it acne, color, shape, height, personality, virtue, your past, your future, your present or even one’s company and the fear of confrontation.

It also holds potential to mold itself into a whole new realm — If only there was a word to define the overwhelming realness that hides behind the fear of failure, the fear of loneliness, the Fear of not being perfect and proficient, the FEAR of not being enough, the guilt of having unexpectedly let down the ones who believed you could make it. These are such thoughts that slowly burn inside, eventually consuming you, especially when we grow impatient for results.

Issues; “Why are they being so kind to me?,” “Is it genuine or just a game?,” “Is this a test?,” “How do I respond so I don’t seem like a push-over and weak?,” “I simply DON’T want to be judged.”

Thoughts like such exceed the basic norm of the word “normal.” Even though they occasionally appear on repeat; a looped projection on the forefront of our brains. But just because they are frequent encounters, does not make them a normal one. However, it is duly VALID.

Please trust me when I say OVERTHINKING is a NO-GO! It will only do one thing; BRING YOU DOWN. And this is not an inspirational therapy that rarely ever brings out anything productive in the people who seek literally nothing more than being heard. But there are actual, real-time remedies out there which do so much more than that; they bring amends and fix broken pieces from the core.

“It doesn’t start with therapy, it starts with YOU” :— If there is no will on the inside, no amount of talks, sessions or even Mr. Jay Shetty can make you see improvements in yourself. Try to bring focus to how much you really want this and sync it with your actions.

“Deep talks don’t work, real talks do” : — Want change so bad? Start with being realistic and true about everything. Look at things for what it really is instead of what it is trying to be and apply the same logistic to yourself. The raw truth; not the above-and-beyond. This will make you less overwhelmed and face facts. Bringing us to our sub-point,

“Admit it, face it, embrace and flaunt it; OWN IT” : — Don’t live in dreams of perfections. Like mentioned earlier, some things are better-off the filter they portray to society. Know who and where you are and NEVER try to live up to their standards, live up to yours. THE TAKEAWAY: Don’t walk on eggshells.

“Don't be afraid to let go” : — DON’T. There is absolutely no reason to be if it makes you uncomfortable and doesn’t bring out the good. Wave it “good-bye” with a smile and a pinch of optimism. It will make you feel better about it. A CHERRY-ON-TOP? The usual. Go out, greet absolute strangers, breathe some air, touch some grass and face the world with a new mindset.

“Don't suppress your thoughts all too deep that you end up loosing your voice altogether” : — I could give my opinion on this one, but I should choose not to since people may confuse it with the truth. Some may find suppressing their opinions and replacing them with a “nod of agreement” to the thoughts of others as the easy route to avoid conflict or the unnecessary time wasted on clarification; or potential judgement on your opinions. It is right in some sense, but it is simultaneously important to make them know that you don’t fully agree to it when you don’t. It hints at how you strongly stick to your values and “know your deal” without being swayed by others along with having the patience and calm for listening to others as well. This may not seem obvious at first but it indeed helps with you not to engage with drama and being over-ruled.

“Madness is better than the toxic; master to differentiate between the two” : — This tip relates to choosing your company of friends, mainly. “The company you keep should always be with people who are your complete opposite and someone you look highly upon.” I can recall these words as clear as day and I have to admit that it flew straight across my brain the time that I heard of it, only to find its true meaning through my life’s encounters. If you are an introvert, choose to be around extroverts, if you are a controlled and a go-by-the-book persona, be with a person who doesn’t know boundaries and maddeningly reckless (not literally). This way, you can learn to inherit and experience a part of yourself you never thought possible; it builds a beautiful bond where you learn and may unknowingly become the answer to ones’ quest towards finding themselves. Because in the end, everyone is struggling and fighting a battle.

It’s never too late for change; especially for the better. Life comes with many obstacles.. and learning; only if you want them to be. Don’t waste a millisecond on repeat-replays and regret of the past; take the lesson and look straight ahead. It doesn’t matter how big the stride is, as long as it is exponential.

You CAN indeed do it!

With love,